Wednesday, October 2, 2013

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tyler + Andrea

What a cute pair these two are. We liked them the moment we sat down with them to talk about their upcoming wedding. Andrea had confessed to "stalking" us (well, our work)...and they were so excited to be having us film their day. Well, I have to say...after watching what Bryan has put together from their day...I am quite choked up over THEM. Their story is told through the glint in their eyes, the smiles, and all the other little nuances throughout the day. They made it so easy for just being who they are together. It all flowed out so naturally that - halfway through previewing this highlights clip - I shamelessly burst into tears. So...yea, we have not grown so used to this that we are not moved by the magic of it all.

We want to shine a spotlight on the other professionals whom Andrea & Tyler brought in to make their day a success:

Photographer: AMW Studios (Matt & Ariel) - Thanks for the gig you guys! These 2 are so much fun to work with, they are so considerate, cooperative & their photos look so darned good too!

Venue for the WHOLE day / Caterer: Bedford Village Inn - What a gorgeous, intimate and comfortable place to have a wedding! The staff is 'on it' when you need something. There are so many creative shots to be had around the property; such fun!

DJ: Get Down Tonight (Dave Pekarski) - It was great to work with you Dave!

Here are two vendors that we don't usually get to meet on the big day, but their talents make our work look better. Great job guys!
Florist: Apotheca Tea & Flower Shop

Cake: Celia Cakes

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ronnie + Lindsey "That Kid's Moves are No Joke..."

     Okay, if it isn't obvious by now that we love what we do...then I don't know what to tell you. This wedding was an adventure to film. Never have we had quite the pressure to get onto a lift that quickly or with that much stuff (camera bags, etc.). But the man that worked the lift at Gunstock helped us get it done. It was a little nerve-wracking as we took off; hoping that everything was secured well enough to not drop and that we hadn't forgotten anything because the ride to the Summit was 20 minutes long. Once we knew we were good though, we could sit back and enjoy the amazing views to the top. Bryan filmed part of the ride up, and you can see how it turns thick as pea soup, but personally, I think the fog gives the ceremony a cool, Celtic look.
     We loved capturing Lindsey and Ronnie's energy. We met them at another wedding we had filmed, (Ronnie was the best man back then) and it was great to see Jackie & Will (Wonder-woman & Superman) again! Be sure to look at the lower left part of your screen for the last shot at the very end (after our logo). I had to watch it 3 times before I could catch it, and I shot it!

Other professionals who worked with us at this wedding were: 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dana + Chris

It was clear to us the moment that they saw each for their first look...
It became undeniable during their playful moments while we took creative shots...
It was comical, and heartwarming throughout the ceremony...
These two were the best of friends
members of the same team

This wedding is one of the highlights of our 2012 season, and it will not be forgotten. You can't spend the day with a lady like Dana and not feel truly blessed to have met her. Not only was this one kind and thoughtful bride, but, they...were hilarious.Yes, we  would choose this to be our Groundhogs Day of weddings if we had to make that choice. It can't be easy to hold your wedding day without your beloved parents by your side, but Dana is strong - and she kept them with her in her heart and hanging from her bouquet the whole time. The testimony to how she was raised was evident. All you have to do is look around her and see the relationships - the deep connections. Everywhere you saw how they both touched the lives of those present. This truly is one of the things about our work that we love the most.

Stephanie, The Cliff House's Coordinator felt like a long-time friend for us and the Bride from the time we arrived. Everything from Dana getting ready to the reception took place right there on the property. More and more couples are choosing to keep everything at one location, and this really is the most ideal situation for everyone involved in the day as well as those attending. It also can allow more time for creative shots as you see in this highlights. What better backdrop (if you are wanting an Ocean-side wedding) can you have than this place? The rocking swells of the water were so breathtaking and so close; you couldn't help but be moved by God's magnitude and power.

Other professionals that helped to bring this day together were (links provided - so hover your mouse):
Photographers: Patricia & John of Prestige Barkley (a really fun and creative couple who have been in this industry for a long time).
Florist: Calluna Fine Flowers (Heather)
DJ: Fred Pappalardo DJ's
Cake: Let them Eat Cake (Gayle Forte) And wow, what a cake that was!!!
Caterer: The Cliff House (their food was amazing!)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Alyson's Orchard ~ John + Jennifer

Though the rain came down, and brought the day indoors at Alyson's Orchard - nothing could dampen the intensity of the love between these two as they exchanged their vows and celebrated with their favorite people in the world. One of our favorite things about filming weddings is getting to know, even if for just a day, the families that our couples come from. Meeting and spending a few hours with John and Jennifer's family explains why these two were such fantastic people. John's lively personality and Jennifer's sweetness. Yes, the world needs babies from these two! No pressure guys, but as parents of 4 children two would be really good at it! Thank you for letting us be a part of your big day!

Here are the other Pro's that helped bring everything together for them:

Alyson's Orchard - This is the 2nd wedding we have filmed at the Orchard. Located on the west side of NH, they have a gorgeous site (with amazing views, and endless spots for creative shots), and room to accommodate the wedding party and family; this is a place to check out.

Photographer: Steve Holmes - Steve was great to work with; so easy going and friendly. Check out his pictures from this same wedding on his blog by clicking here!

Caterer: Luca's (Culinary Journey) Catering - what a great crew. Very friendly and professional - and exceptional food! They even made the professionals working that night their very own lasagna (so good!)

Florist: Holly Long of Naturally Elegant Designs

Cake: Get this, that amazing cake was made by a friend of theirs, Nicole Richner). What a talent she has; she needs to go into business for herself!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lani + JR Wedding Highlights

I will never forget walking into the Starbucks in Newburyport to meet Lani and JR. Their enthusiasm was immediate. After hearing about the details of what they had planned for their day, I knew this was going to be a bright spot on the calendar. Following a brief ceremony, their wedding day couldn't have been more of a party including a  stop at a historic family bar on their way to the classy Westin for the reception. These two are surrounded by an incredible group of family and friends. Enjoy this brief overview of the festivities!

Professionals who helped make this awesome day possible:

Photographer: Katie Hall  Katie Hall Photography
DJ: Jimmie Esposito Move It Music DJ and Lighting
Florist: Gloria Doherty  Toss Bouquet
Cake: Icing on the Cake
Trolley: Stephen Lynch
Reception Venue: Westin Waltham Hotel



Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jeremy and Jean

The Red Barn at Outlook Farm is practically in our backyard. We have enjoyed working there, not only because of that, but because of the staff and the quaintness of the place. It was nice to see how they set up for an outdoor wedding. The ceremony site was right next to a big beautiful tree, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect for Jean and Jeremy's big day! They were going for a rustic/chic feel, and this location really allows for that.

Unlike a lot of grooms, Jeremy was very involved in all of the planning for their wedding, and when we sat down with them at our local Pizza joint to talk over their day, it was really nice to see how invested they both were in the details that were going to bring it all together. With family & friends all around to share in the celebration - it did all come together (and quite nicely).

The photographer, Meredith, was there by herself. She was such a laid back person, who worked with quiet confidence. Check out her pictures from this wedding on her blog! We hope to work with her again. The Red Barn does their own catering, and the food was sublime. I don't even remember now what I ate, but I remember really enjoying it! The Flowers were provided by Linda from Special Occasion Flowers. She has provided flowers for multiple weddings in Jeremy's family and was brought in to bless this one as well with her floral talent. The DJ (Mix Mash Events) was such a cool guy (super nice too). That's one thing we like about what we do...meeting such nice people. The lovely cake was the work of Let Them Eat Cake out of Kennebunk, ME, and the Limo company is Atlantic Limousine of Maine.